Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oxen Draw/Eagle's View Hike

This kid slays me.

Absolutely slays me.

Seriously. What a ham!!!

So we took advantage of this gorgeous Colorado spring day (high of 70) and got out and got hiking by 9am on a Sunday. Go us!!! We picked an old favorite hike of my husband's, Eagle's View Trail in Reynold's Park near Conifer. The Hubbs first hiked it one Christmas Eve when we were just married and there was no snow in sight around town. I think he was feeling a little sad about a "Green Christmas" and maybe even missing his home state up north which although sometimes gray and gloomy, always guarantees a white Christmas. Had they done music videos in Bing Crosby's day, they could have easily filmed it in The Hubbs' childhood backyard.

I hiked part of Eagle View once before when Sammy was just a couple of months old and as my wonderful husband loves to remind me, I shrieked like a little girl almost the whole time. We picked a wet winter month and most of the trail was ice on top of snowpack. I slipped and slid while trying not to land on my sleeping infant who was in a chest carrier. I was also nursing and hormonal, so I am sure I over-dramatized it a wee bit. We didn't make it far that time, so the summit this time was a treat for me!

You start at the Oxen Draw trailhead and it's a nice, easy climb in a pine forest
along side a tiny, burbling creek. That's right, I said burbling.

After a little while, the trail splits- I think you can follow Eagle's View like we did, for an out-and-back or take Raven's Roost and make it a loop. A few websites I checked said the Raven's Roost Route (ha, say THAT three times fast) is about 4 miles.

The Oxen Draw/Eagles' View hike is 1.9 miles to the top and I think it took us an hour or hour and a half total. I kept telling the Hubbs I need to note things like this more often now that I have a fancy blog. I still have to come home after every hike and google the directions and make sure I am spelling the name right.

The top at Eagle's View is aptly named- you suddenly come out of the forest to a meadow and 180 degree view of endless mountains including the Rampart Range and Pike's Peak to the South. It was a bluebird day and I got some great shots of snowcapped Pikes.

We let the kids out to stretch their legs and ease my back. I seriously need to get stronger and in better shape before the Samwich gains any more weight.

At one point up on the summit, we saw something flash through the trees at one point and The Hubbs thinks he saw an pretty impressive rack of antlers. All I saw was tail. Figures.

Back down we went, and then straight to LODO's rooftop patio for some well earned fish tacos and buffalo burgers. Then it was nap time for The Samwich and we still had a birthday party to attend later that afternoon:

Ahhh, nothing like a little ball pit with the ladies at the end of a long day.

The Details: 1.9 mile out-and-back, best in any season but icy winter, haha.

The Directions: US 285 South from Denver to Conifer. Left on Foxton Rd. (Follow signs for Reynold's Park. After 5.5 miles, hit up the parking lot on the right.

The Dog?: Yup.

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